Global Aviation And Transport Systems

Global Aviation and Transport Systems is an independent provider of aviation services to commercial, military, government and private customers globally. Our aftermarket expertise and award-winning solutions help customers increase efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining high levels of quality, service and safety.



Aircraft availability depends heavily on the efficiency and effectiveness of Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) activities. However, commercial and military operators are increasingly under pressure to reduce their MRO costs, without compromising fleet effectiveness or safety, while dealing with changing operational requirements and supply-chain and resource issues.

Global Aviation and Transport Systems (GATS) offers world-leading MRO services to the operators of fixed-wing commercial and military aircraft, with particular experience on transport derivatives.

A continuous improvement programme ensures we keep pace with advancing industry methods and techniques. We invest heavily in training and have pool of highly skilled personnel.

Whether for routine line maintenance or in response to an Aircraft On Ground (AOG) situation, our dedicated maintenance technicians and support areas specialise in translating contracted work into inspections, rectification and fault-finding activities, with the sole aim of returning the aircraft to operation in a safe and airworthy condition within the agreed downtime.

We are renowned for our strong project management and our resultant ability to combine maintenance activities with significant aircraft modification programmes, including full glass flight deck upgrades, as well as testing and certification. Mission fits and Urgent Operational Requirements (UORs) are also GATS speciality. These can be on a stand-alone basis or, again, in conjunction with a maintenance input.

We are expert at developing low-risk, cost-effective MRO solutions to meet our customers' needs. Our engineering capabilities and reputation for integrity have enabled us to establish trusted relationships with the leading manufacturers of airframes, engines and components.

The focus of our industry-leading MRO services is to deliver a 'fit-for-purpose' product to quality, cost and time commitments, ensuring we maintain the very highest levels of customer satisfaction.


At Global Aviation and Transport Systems (GATS), we have knowledge, skills and experience that will give you peace of mind through the process of buying, owning and selling a business or private and military aircraft.

We are able to offer new aircraft from dealership as well as a selection of pre-owned aircraft from other leading aircraft manufacturers from around the world.

Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the business and general aviation industry ensures you and your interests are fully represented. Whether you are buying or selling an aircraft, we are trusted to deliver all aspects from handshake to delivery.


Global Aviation and Transport Systems (GATS) is uniquely capable of supporting aircraft owners, operators, and MROs with cost saving solutions or value added services at each phase of the aircraft's life cycle. GATS provide innovative, service-led inventory supply chain programs to military and commercial aircrafts. We work closely with our clients to ensure that as your aircraft parts needs change, we have the service solution ready to be tailored to your needs.

GATS offer the following services to clients: aircraft parts distribution, inventory management services, aftermarket parts, repair management services.

We offer one of the industry’s largest inventories of new and pre-owned aircraft parts and low cost inventory solutions. Our global network of sales professionals will give you the benefits of a large-scale company while also taking advantage of benefits such as responsiveness and flexibility a smaller organization provides. Additionally, we work diligently to make sure cost savings are passed onto our clients in the form of inventory costs and sales costs.


Global Aviation and Transport Systems (GATS) is trusted by Military, Public Safety, Maritime security, Agricultural Industries and fire fighters around the world for moderate bodied Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and support services that deliver life and resource saving, actionable aerial intelligence. Our UAV are industrial-grade, field-proven solutions set the standard for real-time, secure aerial intelligence across a wide range of applications, from executing tactical missions to investigating traffic incidents to inspecting critical infrastructure.

With the endurance ability of 6 hours 45 minutes when fully loaded and over 50 hours with cameras only. The UAV can carry up to two 2) tons and camera payload of 3000kg at its maximum operational altitude of 24,000 ft.

Our Amphibious UAV (land and take off on land, concretes and sea) Aircraft has created the new concept of unmanned aerial vehicles and is the most unique low cost UAV in the World with ability to be set up within limited time for different purposes:


Working automatically and effectively without exposing the pilot to harmful chemical products.


Avoiding personal risks, operating both day and night. Saving more than 90% of aerial resources expenses.


Getting to places with difficult access and transporting a load of up to 1,850 kg with precision parachutes.


Capturing data for observations, immediate action with up to 3000kg payload from 24,000ft. Perfect for military application and border surveillance.