Global Aviation And Transport Systems

Global Aviation and Transport System is an independent provider of aviation services to commercial, military, government and private customers globally. Our aftermarket expertise and award-winning solutions help customers increase efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining high levels of quality, service and safety.

News Update

Global Aviation and Transport Systems is in the process of setting up a world class one stop shop Aviation Academy in the United Kingdon.

Global Aviation and Transport Systems has partnered with GAMS West Africa Limited and a state government to provide a world class Maintenance Repairs and Operation (MRO) in Nigeria. The MRO will be the first of its kind. This partnership will provide maintenance to military and civilian aircrafts.

Global Aviation and Transport Systems has launched with its partners an Amphibious UAV (which land and take off on land, concretes and sea). Aircraft has created the new concept of unmanned aerial vehicles and is the most unique low cost UAV in the World with ability to be set up within limited time for different purposes; i.e. Military, Agriculture, Coast guards etc.